Arab journalists condemn Israeli attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Date: 16/04/2022     Time: 4:35 PM

The Federation of Arab Journalists on Saturday denounced Israeli forces' attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque, wounding and arresting scores of Palestinians who were performing the dawn prayers. The federation said in a statement the Israeli forces, in the attack that happened around 48 hours ago, injured 200 Palestinian and detained 450 others. The Israeli troops attacked the worshippers inside the mosque for six hours, hurling at the devotees concussion bombs, assaulting them with clubs and spraying them with volleys of rubber-coated bullets. It urged international, human organizations and media associations to decry this "barbaric" offensive on the Palestinians who were at prayers at the mosque. Israeli forces have stepped up attacks on the Palestinians in the occupied territories since days ago, drawing denunciations from various quarters across the globe.