Connecting the Electric Current to a Private House

Service Description

  • This service allows the connection of the electric current to private houses

Eligibility or Criteria

  • All construction works must be finished in conformity to the laws and regulations, and the issued license

Required Documents

  • Request from the owner
  • Safety certificate from the Public Safety Department
  • Statistics certificate from the Ministry of Planning
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Public Works approving the utility extensions
  • Certificate from the supervising engineering office concerning the end of supervision work, in case an office is assigned to supervise the implementation phase
  • Approved electricity plan from the Ministry of Electricity and Water
  • Boundary handover record issued by the Survey Department at the headquarters of Kuwait Municipality
  • Declaration and undertaking form from the owner and the contractor
  • Boundary handover document from the Municipality, in case the implementation was made under the Municipality supervision


Visit the Municipality governorate branch concerned with the service - Scrutiny and Follow-up Engineering Department - Construction Inspection - Transaction Section and submit the required documents
Go to the Municipality Center Archive in the Secretary Section of the department concerned to extract the technical file
Go to the supervisors' controller chamber to set a date for examining the real estate and generating the technical report. After the deadline specified, the area engineers' chamber is checked to prepare a letter for connecting the electric current, after confirming that no violations are recorded on the real estate
Go to the printing chamber to print the electric current connection letter
Go to the area engineers' chamber again and the chamber of the Municipality Center officer to haev the letter approved
Go to the secretary chamber at the department concerned with the service to register the file with the electricity letter enclosed and to set an appointment for checking the main department
Go to the Outcoming and Incoming Section of the main department, then check the engineers of the Technical Section at the chamber no. 7
Go to the department manager office concerned with the service for the final approval of the electric current connection letter
Go to the General Registery Department at the headquarters of Kuwait Municipality


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