Service for Allocating Wirelss Frequencies Locally

Service Description

  • The service aims at facilitating communication between the company and its cars or between the ministry and its departments. It helps speeding work and saving financial resources compared to other services. It provides each company with a limited wirelss frequency

Eligibility or Criteria

  • There are no conditions

Required Documents

  • A filled service application form from the Ministry
  • Copy of the Chamber of Commerce license
  • Copy of nationality document and Civil ID
  • A formal letter to the under-secretary of state requesting the service
  • A catalog of the device to be used
  • Clearance Certificate


Submit a letter to the under-secretary of state requesting the service to the Public Registration Department after completing all the required documents
Write to the Ministry of Interior to approve the subject regarding security
A wireless frequency will be allocated to the applicant after the approval of the Ministry of Interior
Pay the fees and obtain a license to purchase the devices related to the service
Deliver all the licenses of the fixed device and car devices to the concerned individual


(0) KD Variable fees
(500) KD Fixed fees: Annually for the wireless frequency
(15) KD Fixed fees: Annually for a wireless device

Downloadable Forms

  • No Item