(Individual) license procedures: transferring licenses to heirs (heir agent)

Service Description

  • This service for business sector allows transferring individual license to heir license.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • 1. The license must be valid when transferring to the heirs.
  • 2. The agent appointed by the heirs or his representative must be allowed to practice commercial activity.
  • 3. In case of professional activities, the agent or his representative must meet the required conditions for practicing such activities.
  • - The application is automatically cancelled after three month from submitting it if the procedures are not complete.
  • Warning: The Ministry draws the attention of the license owners that the license will be cancelled if the activity stopped for six month without notifying the Ministry and it will be cancelled if a year passed on its end or if it was rented to other persons.

Required Documents

  • 1. Death certificate
  • 2. Determination of Heirs
  • 3. Power of attorney by the heirs to one heir, or more, who meets the required conditions.
  • 4. Letter of approval by the competent authority to the agent or the guardian when necessary.
  • 5. Lease contract and receipt
  • 6. Certificate from the Public Authority for Social Securities proving the registration of the heir agent, as per the provisions of Chapter Five or Three or a pension certificate.
  • 7. Certificate from the civil entity stating that the store exists and practices the activity it is licensed for.


Visit the Commercial License Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and submit the required documents.



Downloadable Forms

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