Applying for license to publish an advertisement (selling a property outside Kuwait)Applying for license to publish an advertisement (selling a property outside Kuwait)

Service Description

  • This service allows applying for license to publish an advertisement (selling a property outside Kuwait).

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Terms and Conditions that are regulating the ministerial decree no. 197/2004, regarding the publication of an advertisement to sell a property outside Kuwait.
  • 1. Published advertisements must be clear and free of deluding or misleading phrases. It must not also include phrases or images that breach public morality or be contrary to religion.
  • 2. The store must be established and operates the same licensed activity.
  • 3. Advertisements are published only through means allowed by the Ministry of Information (local newspapers, magazines, and other publications)
  • 4. The advertisement may not include mobile/pager numbers.
  • 5. The advertisement must clearly include the store’s information (address, phone numbers).
  • 6. It must clearly include information of the license number granted by the Ministry.
  • 7. Advertisement publication period must not exceed one week, minimum and 2 months, maximum and it is non-extendable.
  • 8. Advertisements must adhere to all what is stated in the application submitted to the Ministry. The Ministry may cancel a granted license in case of violating any of the above mentioned terms or in case of any other violation.
  • Terms and Conditions of Contracts
  • 1. The Contract of Sale must guarantee the buyer’s right to refund any paid amount in case of violating any of the specifications of the sold property.
  • 2. Contracts signed by consumers in Kuwait, to buy properties outside Kuwait, must include a term that authorizes local authorities to decide on disputes arising between sellers and buyers.
  • Notes
  • 1. The applicant company/organization must have a valid commercial license to work.
  • 2. Application shall be submitted within a period not less than (7) days before advertisement publication.
  • 3. The Ministry is entitled to deny approval of publication of any advertisement without justification.
  • 4. Application shall be submitted by license holder themselves or their agent.

Required Documents

  • 1. Copy of the commercial license
  • 2. Signature authorization
  • 3. Copy of the advertisement
  • 4. Outline sketch of the property to be sold and its specifications
  • 5. Authorization of the parent company for the investor in Kuwait; accredited by both embassies of Kuwait and the investing country
  • 6. Copy of the documents that prove ownership of the client company of the property to be sold in Kuwait
  • 7. Copies of contracts of sale of such properties


Visit the Ministries Complex, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 3rd floor, block 2,
Consumer Protection Department, Advertisements and Free Offers Department and submit the required documents.


10 KD

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