Information Technology Part (Baytak Program)

Information Technology Section

Baytak Program, Kuwait TV, Channel 1 (Every Wednesday)

With the cooperation of the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT), the Information Technology Section is broadcasted weekly, every Wednesday, as part of Baytak program, on Kuwait Satellite Channel 1. The Section is prepared and presented by Dr. Salah Alnajem (Kuwait University). It is aimed at raising awareness for better information technology skills. Through the Information Technology Section, the audience is made aware of basic IT skills, as well as the harmful technology uses and the protection methods against them. This Section is part of the National Project for IT Awareness initiated by CAIT with the aims of increasing the citizens' and residents' awareness of the uses of information technology in life and spreading digital culture to build a data-driven society.

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Episode Subject
Digital Audio Books
Advanced Google Search Techniques
Parental Control for Children's Use of Programs in Windows Vista (Part 1)
Parental Control for Children's Use of Programs in Windows Vista (Part 2 - Games)
Social Networking
Choosing the Right Games for Your Children
Internet Explorer Tips
Instant Messaging Security
Opening Your Gmail Account Using Outlook
Running Windows Vista on Mac OS
e-Mail Security
Biometric Security
Taking Data Backup
Children and the Internet
Trojan Viruses
Security of Mac OS X (Encryption - Part 1)
Security of Mac OS X (Encryption - Part 2)
Virus Protection of Mac OS X
Digital Rights Management
Parental Control for Computer Games (Part 1)
Parental Control for Computer Games (Part 2)
Kuwait Government Online Portal
Health Services Directory on Kuwait Government Online Portal
MobileMe System for iPhone Mobiles
Sending SMS Via Microsoft Outlook
User Account Control in Windows Vista
Dealing with Conficker Virus
Log Me In Ignition for Device Remote Control
Local Security Policy for Windows Operating System
Dealing with unrequired Registry files
Ideas for Easier Life
Social Search Engines
Mobile Phone Tracking
Windows Security Operation Center
Backup Strategies - First Part
Backup Strategies - Second Part
Parental Control Tools for Kids' Activities
Parents' Guide for Children's Secure Use of the Internet
Unrequired Program Uninstallation Tools
Micro Blogs - Twitter
Default Credit Card
Windows 7 (Part 1)
Windows 7 (Part 2)
Open WiFi Spots
Enhancing Windows 7 Performance
Google Apps
Enhancing Windows 7 Security
Comparison between Amazon Kindle & the iPad
ePayment through Kuwait Government OnLine
The protection of your personal data from access when you lose your laptop
 Mail Merge
New Threats (Part 1)
New Threats (Part 2)
Stock Exchange Remotely
Data Synchronization (Part 1)
Data Synchronization (Part 2)
Phishing Awareness
Tablet Pcs
RAM Virtual Drives
Facebook Security Breach
Breaching 250 Twitter Accounts
iPhone and Pad UDID Hacking
SMS Scams
Facebook Graph Search
Are you Hacker-able?
The Best IT Security Tools in 2012
Best Hardware in 2012 According to PC Magazine
Instagram changes its privacy policy
Applications for Using iPad at Work
Risks of Free Trials with Credit Cards
Lookout Mobile Security for Android Mobiles
Facebook changes its privacy policy
New iPad Generation and iPad Mini
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Book Reader
How to save iPhone's Power?
What is new in iPhone 5?
Secure usage of Free Wi Fi Hot Spots
Shortened URLs Threats
Web Mail Backup
Advices for secure use of Twitter
Remote Technical Support
New IT Threats
Essential Android Applications
Cloud Storage
Should I buy a new tablet PC?
How to protect yourself from Drive by Malware?
Comparison between Password Managers
Should I buy a New Smart Phone?
What is New in Samsung Galaxy 3?
Mac Utilities
Smart Phones Viruses
How to select the Suitable Mac Laptop?
Drivers Disaster Recovery
Best IT Security Tool in 2011
Web Danger
What is new in iPhone 4S?
VM Ware Fusion vs Parallel Desktops
Steps you have to take after data breach?
Specifications you have to consider before buying a laptop
Kindle Touch
Hamatchi for Virtual Private Networks
Best Hardware in 2011
Working with Microsoft Office Documents on iPhone and iPad
Mobile Tracking
Remote Support
Poisoned PDF Files
Online Meetings
Online Backup
Mac Data Recovery
Internet Security Suits
Facebook Privacy
Cloud Printing
Amazon Kindle 2
Choose the right tablet computer
Connect to the web through an encrypted tunnel
Remote control with computers through smart devices
New specifications in the Samsung Galaxy S4
Application Office cloud Office 365
Google Apps cloud for non-profit organizations
Seriousness of the accounts and neglected software
Future BlackBerry devices

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