Official Language Of Kuwait

Arabic, the official language of Kuwait

Arabic Language and the Society

Islam is the official religion of the State of Kuwait. Since arabic is the language of the Holy Quran, "the Islamic Constitution", arabic is the official language of the State of Kuwait, as stated in Kuwait Constitution. This can be attributed to the fact that founders of the Kuwaiti Constitution realized the significance of the arabic language as a factor of the unity and coherence among Arab countries. Furthermore, arabic is a means for the emergence and spread of the Arab civilization.

Across Kuwait history, arabic language was influenced by other languages and societies in Kuwait. Kuwaitis, now, speak a nice of arabic dialect in their colloquial daily discourse. It is a popular language that has its own characteristics and qualities of a language. It comes close to the Classical arabic. The Arab Kuwaiti dialect combines the present time with the history via bonds of strong Arab and substantial linguistic ties.

Arabic Language and Culture

All the cultural activities and social interactions in Kuwait are based upon the arabic language. arabic is distinguished by its flexibility and richness. Its forms contain precise expressions and an extraordinary capability for differentiating between tangible and the intangible. arabic language certainly reflects the identity of the Kuwaiti society, as well as, Kuwait cultural, national existence.

Arabic Language as the Most Pillar Important of Unity

One of the most important pillars of unity is language. Using one language in communication strengthens the ties among members of the same society. This unity is reflected in the thought, creed and the conscience of the nation. The Kuwaiti Constitution aims at fostering strong ties that bond arabic language with the society. Kuwaiti community is filled with activities that use arabic language as a means of communication in all the cultural activities, industrial and social interactions.