Application for license renewal of license for practicing commercial professional business

Service Description

  • This service allows business sector to issue license / Renewal of license for practicing commercial / professional business.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Unrequired

Required Documents

  • First time license
  • Letter from the Municipality.
  • Copy of the civil ID card of the applicant or his agent.
  • Certifying the correctness of the personal details in the license application form.
  • Copy of Articles of Association (in case of companies).
  • Receipt of the prescribed fees.
  • In case of renewal
  • Original firefighting license.
  • Copy of trade or industrial license.
  • PACI civil No. of the institution.
  • Signing of the license renewal application.
  • Signing the renewal application form.


Visit the Prevention Section – 1st floor, AlRihab Complex, Tunis Street , Hawalli
Fill the service application forms
Pay the fees due


As Per Area Variable Fees:
As Per Area Fixed Fees: Stamp

Downloadable Forms

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