Privacy Statment

  • This is Kuwait Government Online Portal (KGO Portal)
  • When browsing KGO Portal, no personally identifiable data is collected.
  • The Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) may receive private information that may lead to your identification through any of the following methods:
  • Sending an e-mail to CAIT
  • Filling an electronic application form on KGO Portal
  • Entering your information in an e-service provided on KGO Portal In the above stated cases, CAIT may share the provided information with other Government Entities with the aim of delivering highly effective and efficient services, unless this information sharing is banned by Kuwait Laws.
  • CAIT does not share or exchange any personal information with non-government entities, unless these entities are officially authorized to perform certain government services.
  • From the personal information entered on KGO Portal, CAIT keeps the information only required to further improve the effectiveness of the services provided, whenever necessary.
  • Any personal information provided to CAIT or Government Entities that perform e-services through KGO Portal should be regularly updated.
  • In order to speed up filling online application forms, entering required e-service data and transferring of information, an auto-complete feature is provided on KGO Portal. Any information previously entered on KGO Portal or provided to a Government Entity shall automatically appear with the aim of providing services of the highest standards. Therefore, saving time and efforts exerted in re-entering the personal information.
  • Transferring of any personal information from and/or to Government Entities through KGO Portal is highly protected using the latest suitable techniques of information security.
  • Any personal information that may be stored on CAIT is secured using the latest suitable techniques of information security.
  • Government Entities providing e-services through KGO Portal are responsible for the services available. Once the Government Entities receive the personal information through KGO Portal, they are fully responsible for its security and privacy.
  • In order to provide visitors of KGO Portal with distinct services, links to other government or non-government sites may be included. Policies of other sites concerning data storage and information privacy may differ from the policies applied by CAIT. Once visitors of KGO Portal are redirected to external sites, they are no longer protected by KGO Privacy Statement. They become subject to the privacy statements applied on these other sites. CAIT recommends reviewing the privacy statement on other sites before making any transactions.
  • CAIT uses commercial software to monitor network traffic in order to define any illegal actions to destroy, upload, change, corrupt, phish any information pertaining to Kuwait Government Online Portal. Hence, Portal security is maintained and the services provided are available for all users.
  • Any illegal action to upload or change information located on KGO Portal are forbidden. Any person makes unauthorized actions on the Portal are subject to legal accountability and is liable to punishment under Kuwait Law.
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