User Charter


Our vision is to make Kuwait Government Online the preferred channel of communication for all society segments. We want them to benefit from the information and e-services provided by government bodies, private sector, and civil society organizations, all the way towards e-Kuwait.


  • Upgrading the information technology infrastructure to open up new horizons for all society and business sectors.
  • Serving as a liaison between government bodies and service recipients from all segments of the society.
  • Contributing to the comprehensive development of the society to achieve sustainable development.
  • Contributing to the development of a society of knowledge economy, based on providing everyone with equal access to all government services.
  • Achieving high level of competitiveness and transparency with regard to government operations.
  • Reaching the vision of creating an e-Kuwait within the overall framework of the strategic goals of the state.
  • Providing an efficient platform for community participation and seeking users' views to be able to provide better services and more efficient policies


  • Providing a unified portal through which all government information and e-services are obtainable from anywhere around the clock.
  • Developing the government services provided for service recipients by making them more efficient, effective, and accessible to everyone.
  • Unifying and simplifying the procedures for using the government e-services, ensuring that they reach all segments of the society including persons with disabilities and special needs.
  • Building citizens' and residents' confidence in the use of information technology.
  • Supporting the state plans to stimulate the economy and other vital areas such as; education, health, business development. As well as raising the efficiency of the forces of production in the public and private sectors.
  • Enhancing the global reputation of Kuwait, attracting foreign investments, and stimulating domestic investments by upgrading the levels of efficiency, transparency, and creating an investment-promoting environment.
  • Assisting government bodies in developing their e-government programs by adopting the best practices and standards needed for achieving the integration with the other bodies, in addition to enhancing reliability, information security, and future expansion.
  • Participating in the creation of a knowledge society through the provision of awareness and training programs at both beginner and professional levels.
  • Providing platforms for sharing and exchanging views, and for promoting communication between all segments and institutions of the society. This is to encourage portal users to offer their suggestions and views which will be utilized in the continued development of the portal..
  • Raising awareness of the importance of intellectual property protection and promoting innovation and creativity in the digital information society.

Service Recipients

  • All individuals in the State of Kuwait, whether citizens, residents, or visitors.
  • The business sector.
  • Government bodies and personnel.
  • Anyone from any country looking up any piece of information about the State of Kuwait in any field.

Service Standards

  • Adhering to the internationally accepted standards in the field of providing e-services, known as (W3C), to ensure that portal users enjoy the highest level of efficiency of usage and performance and security of information.
  • Providing service recipients with useful complementary and interactive services as well as online information that are accurate and continually updated.
  • Working to provide all services around the clock through various channels with a reliability rate of 99%.
  • Ensuring the provision of highest information security and safety levels as well as ensuring the privacy of all data and transactions made through the Kuwait Government Online and all the elements of its supporting infrastructure.
  • Achieving transparency and equal access to government services.
  • Encouraging communication with service recipients and interacting with their suggestions, comments and views in order to involve them in decision-making and the improvement of the services provided.
  • The portal is compatible with all popular internet browsers and does not require a particular one.


Out of keenness to offer multiple e-participation tools and channels; such as polls and social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook. and Blogs), Kuwait's official online portal has developed a posting policy which includes:

  • Adhering to public decency in comment posting and avoiding usage of inappropriate words or subjective criticism that does not contribute to enriching the proposed/posted idea.
  • Writing posts that enrich the topic under discussion.
  • Avoiding topics which provoke sectarian prejudices and abstaining from bringing up any topics of racist or sectarian nature in any way.
  • Quoting religious texts with high accuracy. It is preferred that only specialized individuals should reference them.
  • Complying with laws and rights of intellectual property.
  • Avoiding exposure of any personal or private contact information.

Customer Care

We pay special attention to our Customer Care. This stems from our commitment to provide high-quality services. Hence, we created a special Customer Care Center working 24/7. The Center offers help to callers who face difficulty using or having access to any e-service, or in case they need to find out about any piece of information provided by the portal. There are several ways to contact our Customer Care Center:

  • Tel: Call (164) inside Kuwait and (+1800164965) outside Kuwait.
  • Email:
  • Instant online calls through the official online portal
  • Fax: (+965 22929789)

Customer Care Center adheres to the following standards in delivering its services:

  • Quick replying to all phone calls.
  • Supporting both Arabic and English speakers.
  • Maintaining maximum level of confidentiality with calls.
  • Recording the phone calls in order to improve the service and to solve any problem that may occur during the call.
  • Providing a telephone number for complaints or calls which require subsequent help in order to facilitate follow-up and subsequent communication with the client.

We are committed to provide efficient high-quality services around the clock. However, we recognize that errors can occur in spite of all our efforts. Hence, we sincerely call on users who have detected an error or had any complaints or suggestions for improving the level of services, or wish to send us messages of support; to contact the Customer Care Center using the available communication channels.

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