Temporary Customs Entry Declaration

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens and business sector (companies and organizations) to issue a temporary customs entry declaration

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The goods releases from the government entities concerned must be available
  • The goods must pass the security inspection phase

Required Documents

  • Copy of the bill of lading approved by Import Control
  • Goods releases
  • Letter of attorney for the person receiving the goods


Visit the North Ports Customs Department of the Customs Department and submit the required documents. The goods information are proofed in the customs declaration for the temporary customs entry, then, the goods are conformed against the declaration copy. Afterwards, the inspector specifies and approves the goods trademarks. After confirmation of the proceedings, the customs inspector signs and stamps the customs declaration
Receive the goods personally or send a representative with a letter of attorney to receive the goods. Fill the contractor's receipt on receiving the goods
Pay the fees due


Unspecified Variable fees: Estimated fees based on the goods quantity
(0) KD Fixed Fees

Downloadable Forms

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