Sea Transport

Kuwaiti Ports are the window for the State to the external world. They contributed much in Kuwait economic and constructional development. Kuwait has three important ports, which are Shuwaikh Port, Shuaiba Port and Doha Port.

Shuwaikh Port is considered the main commercial port in Kuwait. It contains 21 berths of which 14 berths are 10 meters deep, 4 berths are 8.5 meters deep and 3 berths are 6.7 meters deep. The ships traffic entering and leaving the port is through a navigation channel dredged inside Kuwait Bay. The length of this channel is about 8 km and its depth is 8.5 meters at a minimum water tide level. At any tide condition, the port can receive ships of 7.5 meters draft, and at high tide, the port may receive vessels of 9.6 meters draft.

Shuaiba Port is the second major port in Kuwait. It contains platforms for handling commercial traffic, containers and oil products platform. This platform is managed by Kuwait National Petroleum Company. The port includes 20 berths with depths ranging from 10 to 14 meters. Four of these berths are used for containers. The oil pier has a water depth of 16 meters. Two small sea Craft and Barge basins are located at the port.

Doha Port is the third port in Kuwait. It is a small coastal port with 4.3 meters depth. Doha port is mainly used for crafts, barges and small ships sailing among Gulf countries and performing coastal services. It is a semi-closed basin by wave partitions. Nine basins extend inside the port with small berths. For more information about Kuwait Ports, please visit the website Kuwaiti Ports Foundation

Kuwait Public Transport Company (KSC) offers sea transport services to Failaka Island everyday. Also, special tourist trips are made according to a previously agreed upon program. To ensure efficiency at work, boats and small ships are under periodic maintenance. Moreover, the Company includes a fully prepared Marina. The Company also delivers sea cargos of goods, equipment and cars. Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL TC) is one of the great companies specialized in sea cargo and transport services. The company has established a branch specialized in sea cargos and transport inside Kuwait. The company services are planned to reach the whole world.