Establishing agency for Arab and foreign insurance companies

Service Description

  • This service allows business sector to establish agency for Arab and foreign insurance companies

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Economic feasibility study
  • 2. The paid capital of the company must not be less than 10 million Kuwaiti dinars
  • 3. The companies are not granted a license for practicing insurance activities except after finishing the registration procedures, as per the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law
  • - Putting a deposit at the bank as a guarantee of:
  • 45000 K.D for life insurance and a guarantee for capitals
  • 30000 K.D for other insurance types. The total for the other types of insurance must not exceed 1200000 K.D, with exception to the amount mentioned in clause (1).
  • 4. Submitting an application to the Minister
  • 5. The deposit may be in form of funds, Kuwaiti company shares, bonds issued by Kuwaiti companies, real estate mortgage, or a bank guarantee from an approved bank.
  • 6. Submitting the budget of the last 3 years and the budget of the year previous to applying for the license
  • 7. Copy of the power of attorney
  • 8. Applying for issuing an insurance company license
  • 9. Response of the municipality, in addition to lease contract + lease receipt

Required Documents

  • 1. Lease contract + receipt
  • 2. Types of insurance policies requested to be practiced
  • 3. Submitting the power of attorney contract to a Kuwaiti agent who is not less than 21 years old and of a good reputation and conduct
  • 4. Submitting and examining documents
  • 5. Letter from the company requesting practicing insurance activities
  • 6. Certificate of the paid capital
  • 7. Deposit certificate
  • 8. Filling the form prepared for this purpose


Visit the Ministries Complex, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 2nd floor, 1st block, Insurance Department and submit the required documents


(100) KD

Downloadable Forms

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