General Fatwa Service

Service Description

  • A Fatwa is giving a Shar'i ruling in compliance with the Book of Allah and the Tradition (Sunna) of His Messenger, may the Blessings & Peace of Allah be upon him, under the terms of scholars Ijtihad. All Fatwa Requests will be received, except those related to personal state, for example, financial transactions – Fatwas (Provisions of purity and prayer – pilgrimage – selling and trade – beliefs – usury)

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Attending in person or by correspondence
  • Writing the question in clear handwriting

Required Documents

  • Civil ID
  • Company Bylaws (in trading cases)
  • Fatwa Request Form


Receiving Fatwa Requests (attending in person/general matter fatwa form/written request for the asker/fax)
Data fulfillment for the Fatwa requester
Approving the Fatwa by the Department Director
Scheduling an appointment for the requester to attend in person, if needed, in coordination with the Fatwa Authority Secretariat
The Fatwa Secretariat must hand the Fatwa to the requester by hand or send it by fax


0 KD Variable Fees
0 KD Fixed Fees

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