Detecting Illegal Connections to Rainwater and Drainage Manholes

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens, residents, companies, private organizations, and government entities to request disconnecting any illegal connections to rainwater and drainage manholes without knowledge of Ministry of Public Works. Such connection may cause sea pollution or damage the public drainage network or treatment plants.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Submitting written or phone complaint by all entities (government entities, private sector, citizens, or residents) before visiting violation site
  • Submitting warning and pledge report and violation report to the entity by which the judicial enforcement is issued

Required Documents

  • Requesting commercial license of the violator when visiting violation site
  • Civil ID of the person in violation site (whether a worker, employee, or manager) when visiting the site in question
  • Report of warning and pledge for the violator to disconnect the illegal connection within a specified period of time
  • Report of violation in case of the violator not responding to the warning and pledge report within the given period of time granted to remove the violation


Visiting Al-Rabeya, near Al-Ardeya Treatment Plant First floor Environmental Affairs Department - Environmental Auditing Section


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