Adding Previous Service Period for Which a Gratuity Was Received

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens to add periods of previous services in the government sector, the oil sector, or the civil sector for which a gratuity was received to the new service period Note: This service is provided to the insured applicants only. If the applicant who received the gratuity did not return to work, he/she may not add the service period to the new one

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The insured applicant must have a previous service period for which he/she has received a gratuity. The "insured applicant" is an employed person who is registered by the employer in the Public Institution for Social Security
  • The applicant must return to work
  • The application of this service must be done through the agency where the applicant work.

Required Documents

  • Salary certificate from the applicant's employer
  • Adding request from the employer
  • Copy of the valid civil ID
  • Copy of the Kuwaiti nationality certificate


Application is done through the agency where the applicant work, The agency sends the application to the institute and keeps track of it's updates all through the process of fulfilling the service


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