Prosthetic Devices For Special Needs

Service Description

  • Getting a wheel chair or a stethoscope

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The service applicant should have a disability proof certificate
  • The disability should be moderate or severe
  • The wheel chair applicant should have a movement or developing disability
  • The headset applicant should have a hearing disability

Required Documents

  • Copy of the disability proof certificate issued by the Public Authority forspecial needs
  • Copy of the smart civil ID card of the person with special needs
  • Copy of the smart civil ID card of the applicant
  • Medical report mentioning the measures of the chair - for the wheel chairs applications
  • Hearing test from the disability file - for stethoscope device


To submit the required documents at the location of the Authority building in Hawalli region - Block 11 - Beirut Street - opposite Bayan Bilingual School​ , in the morning from 8 until 12, Sundays and Tuesdays for women and Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for men
The person with special needs shall be transferred to the measurements specification committee - for the wheel chair applications
To address the approved companies for providing the chairs according to the specifications and measures specified by the committee - for the chairs applications
A date shall be specified for the person with special needs to try the chair
The device shall be provided according to the selection of the person with special needs, provided to match the committee’s specifications


0 KD Variable Fees
0 KD Fixed Fees: Signature Authentication
0 KD Fixed Fees: Authentication of Commercial Agencies

Downloadable Forms

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