Applying for a Special Price Offer License for Wholesale Sellers in Cooperative Stores and Central Markets

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector including wholesale sellers in cooperative stores and central markets to issue price offer licenses for commodities

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must adhere to the terms and conditions regulating the offer
  • Only commercial companies and organizations, and cooperative stores may issue a special price offer license for commodities
  • The price offer applies only to the customers of cooperative stores and central markets
  • The price offers must be submitted one (1) day before the offer starts

Required Documents

  • Copy of the valid commercial license
  • Copy of the license owner's civil ID
  • Copy of the employees' civil IDs
  • Request to change the license address from the Department of Partnerships or Joint Stock Companies after being redirected to the Anti-Money Laundering Office
  • Approval letter from the Municipality on the store location stating the new address issued from the Department of Engineering Licenses of Kuwait Municipality
  • Copy of the general power of attorney, in case the employer assigned another person for the service
  • Request to obtain a special price offer license
  • List of prices for the commodities specified in the offer
  • Copy of the signature authorization
  • Approval from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor on the current offers in the cooperative stores


Visit the Consumer Protection Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and submit the required documents


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